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BA Pro 18W Bluetooth/BLE- Mesh/IoT

Forsiden Bluetooth/ BLE- Mesh/ IoT / BA Pro 18W Bluetooth/BLE- Mesh/IoT
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BA Pro 18W Bluetooth/ BLE- Mesh/IoT (BA11101-DL98-18W-CCT-Mesh)

BA Pro 18W Bluetooth/BLE- Mesh/IoT


  • Dimbar
  • Valgfri lysfarge med DIP-switch: 3000K/4000K eller dagslys
  • Lysstyrke: 1820-2020lm
  • Utsparringshull: 200 - 210mm
  • IP54
  • Levetid/garanti: 50.000t/ 5 år
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BA Pro 18W LED downlight Bluetooth/ BLE- Mesh

This device is provided with a double Bluetooth chip inside the power supply of the LED light. One chip is programmed for light control with Silvair software, the other is for an open Bluetooth IoT network. With Silvair, you can build simple to complex smart lighting project, flexibly choosing desired features to match your customers' needs. You get a ready-to-use wireless technology and guaranteed compliance with the globally interoperable Bluetooth mesh standard. With Silvair, you can control the light intensity and color temperature of your fixtures. The commissioning of a project is very easy and quickly done, as is connecting the lights to your designated zone. The lights create a Mesh network. That means that the lights can send signal to each other and relay the control signal. For programming a project, you use 2 applications, a web-app and a phone app. Both are available for free and you can follow a short tutorial at
To learn more about the use of the Silvair applications and software, go to, or contact your lighting supplier. We will be happy to provide training into the use of the program and the lights.


  • 200-240V
  • 18W
  • 1820-2020lm
  • 3000- 5700K
  • IP54
  • COB
  • Dimbar 
  • Valgfri lysfarge med DIP-switch: 3000K/4000K eller dagslys
  • Farge: Hvit
  • Ø=228x 98mm
  • Led driver inkludert
  • Utsparringshull: 200- 210mm
  • 50.000 timer/ 5 års garanti

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